• Technological advancements have influenced mass media.

  • Convenience has been a consistent theme in today's media channels that are rivaling old media companies.

  • A large percentage of the population has migrated from print to social media.

Technological Advancement and its Influence on Mass Media

The year is 2027 and Starlink internet is accessible to everyone in the world regardless of the location. Using an antenna or just a receiver, a herdsman in the middle of the Sahara desert will be able to play an online video game or watch a HD movie on his solar-powered phone.

With these emerging technologies, who will have the patience or time for traditional mass media?

Starlink satelite.jpg

Representation of a Starlink Satellite

Lately, mass media has gone through tremendous changes as technology influences novel developments observed in the media domain. As technology advances, new, convenient, and improved forms of communication have emerged.

For instance, Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have overtaken many traditional media channels like newspapers, as the leading platform in providing the mass with the news. This is because social media platforms offer cheap and convenient ways of accessing information via portable gadgets such as mobile phones.

Additionally, the emergence of personalized news is a trend that has caught the traditional media unawares. From social media, individuals can receive customized news according to their taste, unlike traditional mass media that does not consider the audience's preference. Social media networks have capitalized on this trend as they target their users with personalized news and information, a trend that traditional media cannot emulate.

Mass media is moving towards a more participatory nature, where the audience is granted the opportunity to provide feedback. In case of an occurrence, many people would like to have to air their views in approval or disapproval of the event. Social media has already laid down the platform for that. Social media has given people the opportunity to raise their views as they interact with the news.

cnn news interaction.jpg

Audience-Mass Media Interaction on Social Media

Technology plays the chief role in mass communication, therefore, the future of mass media depends on technological changes. Six years down the line, Starlink and other technology companies will have succeeded in changing mass media by reaching the individuals who have been forgotten by traditional mass media.

People are migrating from print media to social media in droves. The trend is evident in remote areas as rural dwellers seek information and improved new features through technology. The comfort and convenience that come with new technologies are amazing compared to the features offered by traditional media. Screens provide better visual representations compared to publications. Live videos provide real-time events as they unfold. This means that the audience can access information as events occur.

Who wants to wait for the 7:00 PM news bulletin to know what happened throughout the day?