Tips: How to retrieve copied items from the past.

Have you ever copied a text or an item on your computer and got distracted to find the copied ‘item’ missing?

This is a common occurrence since copied contents are overwritten when one copies another item or switches off the computer.

Well, Windows 10 has a way to solve this problem by allow tyhe User to retrieve a copy-paste history of items that one had copied in the past.

This feature is activated when the computer User presses the Window and V key simultaneously (Window + V).

This Windows 10 feature also enables a user to copy multiple items at the same time ?

All you have to do is copy the items you want and soon as you open the program on whiuch you want to paste, press Windows + V yto retrieve all the items that you had copied.

Paste and make your work easier.

Copy paste clipboard.png

Activating the Copy-Paste Clipboard

To access the copy-paste history function, the user needs to activate it by pressing Windows key + V.

Turn on the feature by clicking the ON button that is displayed.

This activates the copy-paste clipboard which shows all the items including pictures and texts that you have copied in the past.

Every time you copy an item, it is stored in the clipboard and all you need is click on the item to paste it.

The user can also delete, clear, or pin the contents on the copy-paste clipboard. Press the 3-dot icon on the top right corner on each content.