For you and me: Things can only get better in 2021

I know that some people are going into 2021 with feelings of despair and thinking that they wasted this year, 2020. Others are going to reflect on this year and think that they did not achieve anything or attain the goals that they had set.


2020 was difficult for most of us and the only message to get out there is that no one should be too hard on themselves. You should know that you achieved a lot considering that you survived part of a pandemic that has taken millions of lives. You should know that you did a great job fighting for your life everyday and emerging victorious to this day. I believe that you should cut yourself some slack since you have come so far in a year full of adversity, hopelessness, joblessness, death, and sickness.

In the next year, 2021, things will be better, businesses will thrive, and you shall understand the true spirit of winning.

In 2021, you shall attain those goals and bring to reality the dreams that were rendered useless in 2020. Furthermore, things will be brighter with the rolling out of different vaccines that have literary brought hope and sunshine to an ailing population. Keep pushing on one day at a time with the hope that 2020 was a year of a different kind of growth, self-growth. Although lessons came through an informal approach, you should have noticed that you learned something new about yourself and others.

Therefore, be kind to yourself, show yourself compassion, and most importantly, believe that 2021 will be a great year for you.