La Nina on Sight

For many areas across the country, hot and dry conditions have prevailed over the festive season. Climate scientists have raised alarm about the dry conditions that will persist from December till early March. The hot and dry conditions have dominated many areas over the festive season but the weatherman has promised a sigh of relief as we await the New Year's day with showers being predicted in several locations in the country.

Climate experts have utilized predictive science to anticipate an oncoming La-Nina, a weather cycle that occurs after every five years. As farmers and other concerned individuals take note of the looming drought, the weatherman has forecasted a few days of relief as sporadic showers are expected in areas such as Kitui, Machakos, North-Eastern Kenya, and Meru, during this New Year's celebration.

hot weather in kenya.jpg

High daily temperature averages

Experts have predicted poor rain averages over the March-May 2021 period when heavy rainfall is expected in East Africa. Scattered and unreliable rainfall may fall in some areas within Kitui, Machakos, Meru, and Northeastern Kenya. However some locations within these areas may receive heavy rainfall that may last for more than an hour while some zones may not receive any rainfall.

Therefore, as we usher the New Year, some Kenyans will have reprieve from the hot conditions that have persisted for months in the country. Remember to wear appropriate clothing and plan early to avoid inconveniences that may result from the unpredictable weather patterns over the New Year's holiday.