UK's Newly Mutated Coronavirus: Is it Headed to Kenya

Reports from Public Health England show that there is a new Coronavirus variant that has been passing from person to person since September 2020.

Experts have termed this new variant of Coronavirus as “a very infectious” and “out of control” version since it has spread rapidly through South East England and London

In less than three days, the United Kingdom has reported more than 36,000 new cases of Coronavirus, with public health officials suspecting that the new mutated virus is responsible.

Countries including Ireland, India, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Holland, and Bulgaria have banned all flights in and out of the United Kingdom, as a measure to keep the new variant of Coronavirus at bay.

In the UK, the prime minister, Johnson Boris, has introduced new restrictions in the affected areas, to aid in controlling the spread of the mutated virus.

Back home, the Kenyan Government through the Cabinet Secretary of health, Mutahi Kagwe, has confirmed the existence of the mutated virus.

However, the CS announced that the government is still thinking about the right measures to take.

Considering that other countries have already banned flights in and out of the United Kingdom, Kenya may take this necessary step when it is too late.

Concerned Kenyans were quick to condemn the inaction by the government by claiming that the new variant is headed to Kenya and it will cause endless pain once it starts spreading in the country.

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