Navigating the Corporate World

Quora is one of the most useful platforms that empowers its users by helping them gain insight into different topics and have a better understanding of the world. By examining different stories that people posted about the corporate world, here are some of the lessons.

1. Human Resources personnel are not your friends. Although HR works to influence employees positively, always remember that they work for Top Management, and therefore, when things get thick, they will throw you under the bus. They are another cog in the machine that works for authority.

2. Employees who get promoted may not always be the most qualified. The keyword here is Trust. Some bosses will only promote employees that they trust.

3. Nepotism will get you far. Being a friend or relative to those who are in power, yields a lot of influence that may determine your future in an organization. When this influence is combined with hard work, respect, and loyalty, the sky is the limit.

4. Loyalty is not valued. If you decided to be loyal to your company and accept a mediocre salary, kindly note that the company will not consider your loyalty when you are deemed redundant or make a small mistake. The company will hire someone else without considering your loyalty.

5. In the office, you do not have friends but coworkers. It is important to understand that your coworkers are not your friends. It is in man's nature to be competitive so your coworkers will take advantage of any misfortune that hits you. Be professional and separate your personal and work life.

6. You are replaceable. Always understand that you can be replaced at work at any one time but you have no replacement at home. Therefore, do not prioritize your job at the cost of your family. If you follow this path, you will have nothing but regrets when you are fired or have no personal life at the age of retirement. Make sure that those holidays and weekends are spent with your loved ones. The sooner you understand this, the better the choices you will make for yourself.

7. Aim to earn more money. Although continuous learning is an important goal when holding a job, fair compensation is also important because money is one of the main reasons why individuals seek employment. If you feel you are not getting compensated fairly, search for better opportunities. Team dinners/parties/gifts are just tiny bribes to keep you happy.

8. Do not reveal your financial status to your bosses or managers. If you have taken a loan or mortgage, do not let them know about it. They may understand that you are not in a position to quit, and therefore, make you work twice as hard. Alternatively, do not reveal that you have side hustles. Some may feign performance issues and use your side hustles as excuses.

Finally, note that the general environs of corporate office culture are empty. They are full of individuals who are power-hungry and whose only focus is on financial gain. Do not become the unfortunate victim who swallows the social and cultural lies, only to find out later that it was all for nothing. Make money and learn from the corporate world, but do not forget to do the things that bring value to you.