Sonko cuts City Building Construction Permit Fees

Developers will now pay 0.5 percent of the project cost, down from 1 percent.

Nairobi County has Halved Fees for Construction Permits

Architects have welcomed move by Nairobi County to reduce the cost of building plan approval fees.

Developers will now pay 0.5 percent of the project cost, down from 1 percent.

The changes took effect from 1st January 2019.

“We are pleased to inform you that the Nairobi City County Government has finally revised the fees for construction permits to 0.5% of the Project cost (from 1%), with effect from 1st January 2019,” Architectural Association of Kenya president Emma Miloyo said.

The new fee structure is now captured in the Finance Act of the Nairobi City County Government.

bplan fees.jpg

She added: “The Architectural Association of Kenya has been actively engaging with the County Government on this matter. This is indeed a milestone for the industry and we trust it will spur development. We thank all our members for the support and encourage all to continue keeping this conversation going to transform the built environment in Kenya.”

Miloyo has been in the forefront of agitating for the setting up of a one-stop building plans approval facility.

AAK believes such a move would eradicate corruptionblamed for the Sh36.3 billion loss of opportunities reported in 2018.

In a memorandum last year, AAK said the tedious and complicated approval process made construction expensive while hurting employment prospects for skilled and unskilled artisans.

“Issuance of construction permits is dotted with long winding paths, unreasonably lengthy delays, high costs and numerous regulations to comply with and rampant corruption,” said Miloyo. “ AAK is willing to assist in establishment of a digitised one-stop shop facility.”