Senator Millicent Omanga in a Shs 4.8 Billion Gun Supply Scandal

A company associated with Senator Omanga implicated in attempt to misuse Shs 4.8 Billion of public funds at Prisons Department

A company associated with Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga is among the firms implicated in the foiled attempt to misuse Shs 4.8 Billion of public funds at Prisons Department.

EACC boss Twalib Mbarak on Thursday stopped the disbursement of Shs 4.8 Billion in upfront payment for supply of firearms and other security items.

Mbarak said the contracts were awarded unprocedurally, flouting rules by commiting payment of 80 percent upfront within 30 days before supply of items.

Among the companies to be paid was Milways Enterprises, which belongs to Senator Omanga.

Milways Enterprises was awarded the tender to supply G3 rifle slings for Shs 200 million. Mbarak says the prices were exaggerated from Shs 200 to Shs 5,000 apiece.

Omanga is the founder and managing director of Milways Enterprises. The company deals in construction, import of furniture and electrical appliances and interior décor.


Other firms involved in the scandal included Firetruss Systems which got the tender to supply bullet proof vests and helmets worth Shs 2.2 Billion.

A company known as Pakistan Ordinance was to supply standard G3-A3 guns worth Shs 597 million. The same company was to supply sub machine guns worth Shs 478.5 million.

Delta Enterprises was to supply assorted security items amounting to Shs 570 million while Mildat SP.ZO.O (LLC) won the tender to supply rifles and full bore target rifles amounting to Shs 432.72 million.

Sumsun Yurt Savunma san was to supply pistols amounting to Shs 158.75 million while Wold One Agencies was to supply specials stores at Shs 119.125 million.

Rapecc General Supplies was awarded tender for supply of assorted security items at Shs 98.75 million and Auto Links Systems was to supply assorted security intems at Shs 44.6 million.