Resolution Group CEO sues Mobile Loans App Tala

Peter Nduati says Tala wrongfully listed him at CRB, costing his firm a credit facility at a bank.

Resolution Group Founder and CEO Peter Nduati is suing mobile loan app Tala for wrongfully listing him at CRB and costing his firm a credit facility at a bank.

Nduati, who is also a director at air ambulance startup, Centric, has taken to social media to narrate his ordeal.

“Those apps are crazy,” said Nduati. “Tala messed my credit score and I wasn’t even their client. I have sued them”

Apparently, Tala caused CRB to list Nduati and mess up his credit score over an alleged Shs 1000 bad debt.

According to Nduati, his company Centric Air Ambulance was denied a finance facility at I&M Bank over his alleged bad debt.

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He said: “Three weeks ago Centric Air Ambulance was finalizing a facility they had applied for with I&M bank. The bank said they were unable to issue the LOO because I was listed by CRB.”

Nduati said the move took by shock because he is “very particular in maintaining a good credit score because I use leverage for investing.”

‘They bank could not disclose who has listed me and referred to CRB. On going there, they informed me that Tala had listed me because I defaulted on a loan of 1000/- in December 2018!”

Nduati swears he has never used the Tala and has never borrowed any money from them.

He said: “First off, I have never borrowed from a App. Secondly the number they gave me was not mine. I then was referred to Safaricom who said that they couldn’t disclose the owner of the number but they confirmed it was not registered in my name.”


“I then went back to CRB with that report who told me that only Tala could clear me and I had to write a dispute letter.

Tala kept insisting that the number was linked to my ID and I had borrowed 1000/- and defaulted. I was now pretty tired of the run around and they kept insisting

After back on forth, I received a call from CRB that Tala has ‘cleared’ me and that it was an error. No further explaination but that transaction has brought my credit score to BB- or something like that which simply means I have a 40% chance of defaulting.

Centric got their facility but I am now fighting to sort out my credit score coz of a loan of 1000/- that I never borrowed and an App I have never used”