Private Developer Gets Nod from City Hall to Build Rental Houses on Highridge Health Centre Land

A private developer has been given approval by City Hall to build 200 residential units on the controversial land

A private developer has shockingly been given approval by City Hall to build 200 residential units on the controversial Highridge Health Centre and Nursery School parcel of land.

The parcel of land in question L.R. No. 209/21694 has also changed ownership from – M/s Guran Investment Ltd to M/s ELMI AFRAH PROPERTIES LTD, according to documents available.

The County documents show that on 12th July 2019, ELMI AFRAH PROPERTIES LTD paid annual land rates amounting to Ksh138, 875 for the parcel – 209/21694.

According to our investigations, the building plans were submitted by an official from the Architectural Association of Kenya, who ironically represents AAK of the County planning committee which approves building plans.

Sources at City Hall indicated the AAK official had chaired the session where building plans for the controversial parcel of land were approved.

In August last year, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko announced repossession of the public utility land from people he described as cartels who had reportedly grabbed the public property.

A group of Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) are said to have instructed a law firm to file a suit in court next week seeking to nullify allocation of the public health facility land to revert to its original use.

The governor has on several occasions vowed not relent on restoring all grabbed public land that was reserved for development of public utilities like schools, hospitals, playgrounds and roads.

Two weeks ago, the county assembly approved a report of its watchdog Public Accounts Committee recommending the County Chief Officer for Lands and the County Attorney take up the Highridge Health Centre matter.

The PAC report says the County officials “should immediately follow up with the National Land Commission (NLC) to ensure that fraudulently acquired titles are revoked”.

In its report, the House Committee chaired by Mabatini Ward MCA Wilfred Odalo, observed that the land in question belonged to Nairobi City County Government, having been allocated to the defunct City Council of Nairobi for a term of 99 years with effect from 1st January, 1952.

“As a matter of fact, there are no records to show that the land was allocated to a private developer and therefore any person who may claim to have the properties’ title must have colluded with County and State officials”, says the PAC report.