Kenyan Businessman disappears with Shs 53 Million Client Money

The Forex Trader fled Uganda with with 2 billion Uganda shillings belonging to clients

A manhunt has been launched for David Kimani, the proprietor of Arua forex bureau on suspicion of defrauding his customers more than Shs 2 billion (Ksh 53 million).

Arua forex bureau is found at the centre of Arua town on Adumi-Rhino Camp road junction. Kimani reportedly fled back to Kenya after collecting more than Shs 2 billion for his clients to buy foreign currency.

He reportedly drove from Arua to the eastern Uganda border town of Malaba on Sunday last week where he abandoned his Land Cruiser Prado vehicle.

Some female workers told police that they reported for work on Monday morning as usual, and waited for their boss up to around 9am to open the forex bureau in vain. They explained that when they called Kimani on phone, he told them that he was in Kenya and that they should go home and wait until when returns - possibly after two days.

A guard attached to Securiko who was guarding the bureau told our reporter that on the fateful night, Kimani collected a fully parked bag and left without informing him to keep guard as he usually does.

“The workers came and waited here in vain until after sensing something unusual, they went back home, up to now that’s why the place is still closed,” the Securiko guard told URN.

More than 30 businessmen including 7 Indians stormed the forex bureau when news of Kimani’s disappearance spread in Arua town. Some of the victims had left huge sums of money with Kimani to buy for them foreign currencies including US Dollars, Euros and Pound Sterling but were shocked by the news of his disappearance.

One of the businessmen only identified as Data told URN at Arua central police station where he had gone to register his complaint that he gave Kimani $7000 on Sunday afternoon hoping to pick Ugandan currency on Monday but was shocked to hear that Kimani had escaped with over Shs 2 billion to Kenya.

A detective at Arua police station, who declined to be named, said they are still compiling the complaints from the affected people and forward the matter to Interpol in Kampala to take action.

The West Nile region police commander, Chris Barugahare said that they can’t disclose what they have so far found out. He also said they can’t confirm whether or not Kimani has crossed to Kenya or is still in Uganda.

According to sources, Kimani has worked in Arua for the last 15 years and has made good business links with several businessmen in Arua and West Nile. Some of the businessmen have been entrusting him with millions of shillings to buy Forex and pay back at his convenience.