Kenya runs out of 07** Mobile Telephone Numbers

Get ready for new cellphone numbers starting with 01**.

Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) has announced the release of new mobile numbering prefix 01xx.

The new numbering system will be in addition to the existing 07xx which have been in use for over 20 years.

Director General Francis Wangusi confirmed that the 07xxx mobile numbering prefix series had been exhausted.

“Demand is occasioned by rising demand for SIM cards, mobile data, machine to machine communications among other emerging technologies that require telecom numbers,” Wangusi said.

Wangusi however said the introduction of the new mobile number prefix has no cost implications on the consumers.

He said: “ It will encourage more innovations and investments in the sector, especially with proliferation of new technologies.”

Mobile number prefix 030 reserved for machine-to-machine communications in Kenya