How Senator Wetangula and Gang stole Shs 250 Million from Saudi Royal in Fake Gold Scam

Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i and Kisii Politicians Bosco Gichana anmd Zaheer Jhanda also mentioned in the con game

Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i and Kisii Politicians Bosco Gichana anmd Zaheer Jhanda also mentioned in the con game

Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula has been named as key member of a gang that obtained Shs 250 million in an elaborate fake gold con game.

Wetangula is said to have demanded and received the cash from the member of the Saudi royal family.

The senator is alleged to have been operating with politicians Don Gichana and Zaheer, and a businessman Chris Obure.

The following is the chronology of events as recorded by Ali Zandi, the victim of the scam.

  1. 25. 9.2018-5.1 tonnes of gold shipped from Ndande Tribe by road to Nairobi
  2. 27.9.2018-news breaks in French press that 4.6 tonnes of gold seized in Kenya
  3. 28.9.2019- Zandi calls Wetangula to seek advice on how to secure the safe release and return of the goods . Wetangula makes inquiries and confirms with Matiang’i that the goods were indeed seized
  4. 15.12.2018- Wetangula flies to Dubai and assures that he can have the goods released. That he has spoken with Matiang’i who requested 2m dollars (Shs 200 million) upfront. Sheikh declines this request and talks go quiet.
  5. 24.12.2018 –Zandi flies to Kenya from Dubai and stays at Serena hotel for 3-4 days. On 25th December, he is taken to the airport by Zaheer and a person identified as police officer Michael Waweru (0775607693). At the airport, Zandi is shown part of his concession which he confirms with his signature which is written on the boxes
  6. 1.1.2019-Zaheer approaches Zandi on behalf of Matiang’i who questions why the 2m dollars cannot be paid upfront for the delivery of the goods. Wetangula contacts Zandi and reduces the request to $700,000. After negotiations, they agree to a figure of $250,000. ($150,000 upfront and $100,000 once the goods are loaded on the plane.)
  7. 7.1.2019-$700,000 cash paid (at Serena hotel) to Zaheer and Wetangula with the promise of safe return of goods within 3 days.
  8. 21.1.2019- Zandi moces from Serena to Kempinski and insists on meeting Matiang’i. Meeting held in Karen (seemingly Karen Blixen). Matiang’I gives Zandi assurance that he will have the goods in 3 days and when pressed for straight answer, confirms Friday 25th January 2019 as date for delivery of goods
  9. 24.1.2019- letter sent from Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum to Matiang’i requesting the speedy release of his goods
  10. 24-25.1.2019- Zandi blindfolded and taken to a safehouse by Zaheer. The compound is guarded by a large number of APs and AP lorry is parked on the drive way. Zandi is taken to a basement with yellow walls and introduced to Chris Obure. He is then shown “fake gold”.
  11. February 2019-Zandi is conned $750,000 by Bosco Gichana at the cargo area of JKIA for the safe return of his goods. This request did not mature. Zandi is taken to an office block under construction at the cargo area and sees boxes of both fake and real gold. Present in the room were: Custom agent (0753565 504), man of Indian origin (0735789535), 2 Kenyan men, Russian man who identifies as Rosta Viktor with Drugs and Crime Department (UN). Viktor insists plane cannot fly out of JKIA. An argument ensues and the two part ways. Next day at Weston Hotel, Viktor informs Zandi that his mistake was hiring foreign plane instead of local one and convinces Zandi that chartering a local one will bring less attention. At Wilson airport, a plane is chartered by Micasa Company. Richard Kubo aka Bernard Otieno presented as owner of Micasa. Plane registration 5Y MSA is paid for at $100,000.Plane scheduled to departure at 5:50am at JKIA. Zandi goes to the airport at 23:30 and is denied entry into the cargo area. Matiang’i allegedly calls him and informs him he has Special Forces surrounding the plane.
  12. March 7th 2019 –on the way to the airport told to meet Kubo in town to pay for the plane that has been grounded for 3 days . Zandi pays $450,000. Zandi meets Wetangula in town who informs him that since the story has broken out, he needs to leave the country immediately for his safety