How Crooks in Britain are using Stolen Kenyan Passports

Crooks suspected to be from Kenya supply fake documents to illegal immigrants

A London criminal gang, whose members have unmistakably Kenyan names, have been exposed after supplying an undercover British reporter with bogus documents including a Kenyan passport.

According the tabloid The Sun, the crooks suspected to be from Kenya, supply fake documents to illegal immigrants to help them land jobs.

The name of the suspected gang members are Julius Muturi, John Bosco, Kennedy Njoroge and John Njogu. The suspects are obviously Kenyan if their identities are genuine.


Julius Muturi

According to a report by The Sun, the undercover investigator was introduced to Muturi who showed him how to get the false documents.


John Bosco

The sting operation by The Sun begun 6 months ago following a tip-off.

“The Sun’s probe into staff at RCS began six months ago following an anonymous tip-off.

Posing as a migrant without papers, one of our investigators visited the firm having been promised a staff member would explain how to create a fake ID.

He was introduced to consultant Julius Muturi, 32, who said: “It costs about £400-500 to get the papers we can use. Once we get the papers done we can help each other.”

Muturi then took away an application form others in the room had been filling out from our man, adding: “Because you don’t have other things, there is no need to fill in this form.”

A few weeks later, the documents under the fake name James Nakhuba were couriered from Kenya to the UK and copies also sent to Muturi.

The passport belonging to Nakhuba is suspected to have been stolen in Nairobi and then shipped by the network of crooks to London.