Civil Servants Steal Shs 400 Million every Week

Former cabinet minister Dalmas Otieno said the amount of money lost is enough to build 10 kilometres of tarmacked roads each week

Vice Chairman of Salary and Remuneration Commission Dalmas Otieno says public servants steal over Shs 400 million every week through petty theft only.

Otieno, a former cabinet minister, said the amount of money lost is enough to build 10 kilometres of tarmacked roads each week.

Speaking during a meeting to discuss “Eliminating Corruption through Effective Corporate Governance”, Otieno the entire country would have tarmacked roads in only 5 years if theft by public servants was curbed.

He said it was estimated that half of the 798,000 public servants each stole an average of Shs 1,000 every week from public coffers.

“It is very easy to steal just Shs 1,000 every week…. It means if half of the public servants (400,000) steal Shs 400million every week, this is enough to build 10 kilometres of roads,” said Otieno.

“In the first year of Jubilee government only, we would have built 520 km. This is the distance from Mombasa to Nairobi…. In five years we would have 2,600 km.”

Otieno was speaking during a Centre for Corporate Governance (CCG) Alumni Network breakfast meeting at Panafric Hotel.

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Dalmas Otieno

At the same time, Otieno said absenteeism, idleness and time wasting by public servants costs the country over Shs 36 Billion every year.

He said public servants on average waste about 2 hours every day through idleness.

He said: “A quarter of daily output is wasted through idleness,” he said. “If you calculate, you will find that we lose Shs 36 billion every year. This is enough to build six sugar factories every year.”


Winnie Ngumi

Others who spoke during the meeting included Winnie Ngumi (chairperson, CCG Alumni Network), Phyllis Wakiaga (CEO, KAM), Gichira Kibara (Chairman, NGO-Co-ordination Board), and Praxedes Tororey (IPOA).

Others were Nguru Wachira (chairman, CCG), Kellen Kariuki, Dr Nelson Kuria, Michael Onyango, Felix Okatch (chairman, APSEA and Lydia Manyasi (EACC).

Kibaara said that less than 3,000 out of the 11,000 NGOs registered in the country filed their returns in 2018.

Winnie Ngumi, who is also the founder and CEO of Space and Style Limited, said CCG was shaping to be the reference point for corporate governance in Kenya. She urged that the organization be at the forefront of fighting corruption in Kenya.

Nguru Wachira, a certified accountant, the scarcity mentality prevalent in Kenya was the cause of runway corruption.

He said: We need the abundance mindset. 60 years after independence, we have remained colonized because we crave the value system left by the colonialists.”