CFC Stanbic to Pay Journalist Shs 1 Million for Wrongful listing him on CRB

Njoka and his wife, Hilda Kaari sued the bank and Credit Reference Bureau Africa Ltd on August 29, 2012

High Court has ordered CfC Stanbic Bank to pay veteran Journalist Mwenda Njoka and his wife Shs 1 million for erroneously listing him as a bad debtor.

High Court Judge awarded Njoka, a veteran journalist now working in the Office of the President; damages after the bank wrongfully referred him to a credit reference bureau for blacklisting when he had long settled his loan.

Njoka, formerly of The People Daily, Sunday National and Royal Media Services, and his wife, Hilda Kaari, sued the bank and Credit Reference Bureau Africa Ltd on August 29, 2012.

They couple sought special damages of Ksh 5 million , general damages for injurious falsehoods, costs and interest against the defendants on allegations the bank jointly and severally caused the listing of their names in the CRB as loan defaulters.

Because of the wrongful listing, Barclays Bank of Kenya denied them a loan facility which was already on progress for the purchase of a house for which they had paid 50% deposit and had also met other financial obligations.

By the time CFC Stanbic had them listed at the CRB, the couple had no outstanding balances at the bank.

During the trial, the couple said the action unlawful and malicious and that the CRB had a duty to verify the information it had received from the bank.